Canada forcing WADA to remove cannabis from its banned list of drugs

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Canada has legalized marijuana on Wednesday in its territories now, it is expecting the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to remove cannabis from its banned list of drugs, Canadian Ross Rebagliati said in a statement.

Rebagliati won a gold medal at the 1998 Nagano Olympic snowboard. The medal was taken away after he tested positive for the drug then afterwards returned on a technicality.

WADA fights for the use of drugs in sport is located in Montreal where 12 marijuana shops have opened on Wednesday. WADA plans to continue with its ban on the recreational drug while Canadians are all ready to get their hands on it after the government legalized it.

For athletes, the fear of being busted for smoking a joint remains, with cannabinoids such as cannabis, hashish and marijuana prohibited from in-competition use.

Rebagliati while talking to a media house said that If athletes are allowed to consume alcohol and tobacco let them have weed too. He says weed is the only thing that is good for human the three things.”

He runs a company called Legacy Brands which is actually a cannabis company focusing on cannabidiol consumables (CBD), nutrients and home growing kits.

Cannabidiol is an extract of marijuana and it is used for medicinal purposes.

In 1998, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), introduced snowboarding for the Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. Rebagliati was the first person to win a gold medal for this game. He was later disqualified and his medal was also taken away when the edical team found traces of cannabis. They later returned him the medal on the technicality that marijuana was not at that time on the banned list.

“My medal was the only medal in Olympic history that has ever been given back,” said Rebagliati.

Marijuana is illegal in many countries. Medical boards have a difference of opinion on whether it affects the performance of the athletes or not.

WADA, on the other end, said that with many countries legalizing the status of cannabis but that is not one of the criteria to be fulfilled for the inclusion of a substance in the list.