Chile, Colombia and Mexico accused by Venezuela’s Maduro for helping with drone attack

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According to recent reports, president Nicolas Maduro , Venezuela’s socialist yesterday accused all right-wing governments including Colombia, Chile and Mexico of helping terrorists on Monday who tried assassinate him during drone attack early this August. The three government however refuted all the Venezuela’s accusations of them being linked to the drone attack. According to reports, the  drones carried explosives and launched the explosives direct to a military parade which was currently ongoing in Venezuela where the president and other personal were located. During the final spat which existed between Latin America and diplomatically isolated Caracas. Maduro however , on Monday night during his statement disclosed a video in which Henryberth Rivas, identified as a young Venezuelan man, who said during a television broadcast interview that he was participated in attacking the president in this drone attack. Nevertheless, Rivas in the video said that he was instructed through by his fellow plotter just shortly after this attack to seek safety at the Chilean embassy located in Caracas. In the Chilean embassy, he was told he will be smuggled secretly to Mexican embassy and then through the Colombian embassy and finally after there he will be crossed over to Colombia.

However, Rivas in a statement said that when he arrived, the Chilean embassy was already closed and all his plans fell apart. In a statement, Maduro said that today he can say that they have all the convincing evidence and elements of Mexican, Colombian and Chilean diplomats in their participation in protection of the people behind the undertaken terrorist act. Maduro was convinced and also went ahead in disclosing a video as Rivas was allegedly being detained into custody. However the reporters who were present as Maduro gave the statement were not able to get hands on the events which transpired in corroborate to the capture and confession of Rivas. Government critics however, have said that Maduro frequently makes accusations against the opposing foreign nations to hide shift blame currently in Venezuela’s food shortages and more so the existing rampant crime within the country.