China accused by Trump of using trade to target election which threatens retaliation

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According to trending reports, earlier on Tuesday President Donald Trump further threatened the existing retaliation against the China government if at any point Beijing decides to targets the U.S. industrial and the agricultural workers who currently are in an amid trade dispute. In his statement President Donald Trump accused China government of trying ways in swaying the U.S. election through targeting the U. S. farmers. According to reports, this accusation where made by Trump in a series of Twitter posts following both the U. S.  launching new trade tariffs as a way to cater for the escalating trade dispute between them. Beijing nevertheless, in a statement said that Beijing will retaliate all tariffs imposes against the $60 billion worth products from America on Monday morning just after Trump imposed the additional 10 percent on the existing tariffs on $200 billion products worth imported from China.

In accordance to this matter, Trump in his statement said that China was by all means trying to undermine trade between him and his supporters before the congressional election which are going to be held on November 6. Trump wrote in his post that according to the post he was not clear which statement the Beijing president was specifically referring to in his twitter post. Nevertheless, China has initiated and stated that the country is actively trying to change and impact the election by attacking industrial workers, farmers and the ranchers due to their loyalty.

In addition to this Trump said that there according to the way thing are going between the two countries, there will be fast and great economic retaliation towards China if the U.S. farmers, industrial workers and ranchers are targeted. According to reports, Trump won the previous 2016 presidential contest whereby his strong support came from blue-collar voters and more so the targeted farmers. Trump nevertheless accused China following the upcoming elections. he said that the shifting of this trade tariffs will affect the famers and this would led to retaliation of his voters. However, Trump made it clear and that no threat is going to affect since Trump administration has also reformed their tariffs to match China’s tariffs.