Google currently working in replacement of the current URL says Google engineers

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Recent reports show that Google is working tirelessly on developing a new URL. According to reports from the Google engineers, Google has decided to develop a new URL to replace the current one. In their statement, the engineers told the reporters that DNS servers for long period have been helping people in obtaining any website effortlessly for over decades, but as they say, changes sometimes are good, Google has made a decision on taking the initiatives of change. Google says that according to computer experts and URLs analysts, URLs are become a day in day out complicated and more so exposed. Nevertheless, this URL is easily exploited by newly developed phishing schemes. Google currently is working on an exclusive URL and wants to develop something new within the internet world. However, reporters asked whereabouts of this new thing they are developing but Google said that they are not yet ready to reveal what this new thing is about until the project is fully functional.

On the other hand, Google Chrome is celebrating its 10th birthday today since it was developed which today comes with a major overhaul design. According to the recent developments, the Google Chrome browser comes with new whole features with better tabs which including customization, and more so a password manager and exclusive appearance and many more features incorporated within the browser. Nevertheless, Chrome engineers not close to completion of the browser upgrade. In addition to this, the engineers are considering adding features and more functions which can be added along the road as the upgrade proceeds. Nevertheless, the team is, however, focusing much of the project effort on finding a new way of changing their URLs.

The Uniform Resource Locators more commonly known as the URLs were initially created to connect IPs to the web and make the IPs more user-friendly. In simpler words, instead of typing something like to access a particular website, we just use a URL like However, as the years pass by, the URLs are becoming more and more complicated and hence easier to exploit by an unethical group or individuals like hackers.