Nick Carter, Backstreet Boys’ singer will not face any charges concerning in sex case

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According to recent reports, on Tuesday, a Los Angeles prosecutors in a judgement said that according to all the presentation and evidence available up to now in the court, they would not at any point charge Nick Carter, one of the Backstreet Boys singer over sexual accusation assault which was reported in 2003 since the entire case falls outside the statute of limitations of California. Nevertheless, Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said that according to the case, the office reviewed this accusation whereby a woman who was 18 years of age at that time. But the office said that the statute of limitations at the moment had expired. According to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, the in statute of limitations had expired in 2013.

Prosecutors in their statement said in a worksheet which contained the charge evaluation which was released to the media that analysis of strengths and the weaknesses of the evidence up to now is not warranted and that according to the laws, the matter was declined. However, they gave no details pertaining this case. Nevertheless, Carter denied all allegation last year that he had raped a teen pop singer that was 15 years ago. However, Carter attorney, whose band at the moment is playing a long-term performance in Las Vegas. On Tuesday the singer in a statement said that he was very happy putting the matter behind him. Attorney Michael Holtz in his statement said that Nick nevertheless, denied all these allegations from the time he first learned about this allegations last year.

The Backstreet Boys which was one among the biggest male bands in the late 1990s and 2000s, with hits like My Heart. According to social media movement, this accusations of misconduct (sexual), which was inspired by MeToo society, in the past years, the society has been forcing multiple politicians, celebrities and businessmen quit and step down or get fired from their position inside the society. The accusations however have been declined hence Nick is now free of all the allegation.