Southern China and Hong Kong clean up after the devastating super typhoon

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According to recent reports, Hong Kong financial hub currently has begun clearing and cleaning up as from on Monday following the country having battered with the strongest typhoons which occurred last week. The cleanup and clearing begun yesterday immediately after the offices and the financial markets started operating normally. According to weather forecast center reports, the Super typhoon Mangkhut, which well over hurricane-force winds at 200 kilometers per hour which is equivalent to 124 miles per hour, this hurricane-force winds welled past the northern part of the Philippines thereby killing more than 50 people and leaving hundreds injured. Afterward, the Super typhoon Mangkhut then struck the neighboring gambling hub of Macau and afterward skirted south of Hong Kong, just before the typhoon made landfall in China.

Nevertheless, Parts of Macau and Hong Kong were however severely flooded. Nevertheless, up to now there have no reports of fatalities of any kind. In addition to this the China Central Television together with the state broadcaster in a statement said that 4 people were killed in Guangdong by the Super typhoon Mangkhut, Guangdong according to reports is China’s most populous province which holds over 100 million residents. However, the state broadcaster said that flood warnings since last month had been issued to 38 rivers within the neighboring region near Guangxi, while other 12 coastal monitoring stations reported that according to their recording, this was the biggest-ever recorded waves. In accordance to the reports, the coastal monitoring stations also added that 13,300 hectares of farmland during the typhoon got damaged.

The Xinhua news agency reported that by Sunday night, 2.45 million people within Guangdong province had been relocated. Nevertheless, the China Meteorological Administration on Monday said that the typhoon which was referred to as King of Storms allegedly swept out the west of Guangxi province by 6 a.m. and more so the storm proceeded to tropical storm which was weaker than earlier. China Meteorological Administration forecast that this storm would hit regions of Yunnan, Guizhou and more so Chongqing by Monday. According to records, the meteorological administration reported that the Super typhoon Mangkhut was the among the 10 biggest storms which struck southeast China since 1949.