UEFA Nations League, League B, Group 4 November 19

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Denmark – Ireland 0 – 0

Ceres Park, Denmark, November 19 – This game was more or less a formality since the scores were already settled and the teams now know if they are promoted, relegated or stay in the league. This was a game of pride for the visitors since they managed to score only one goal in 3 matches prior to this one and didn’t win a single game, so they were trying to surprise the hosts, while Denmark was very relaxed as they had secured the promotion for league B and this wasn’t an important game for them. Wales was also safe from relegation

The game started furiously by the home team as they had a wonderful chance on the 5th minute of the game Poulsen shot from outside the box and nearly scored a wonderful goal. 4 minutes before the end of the halftime, Denmark had a great chance to score from the free kick but Eriksen shot just outside the bar.

Right at the beginning of the 2nd half, the Danes had another wonderful chance as the ball bounced right back to the feet of Poulsen only 5 meters away from the goal, but somehow miraculously he didn’t manage to score an easy goal.

The final result of the game was Denmark 0, Ireland 0. Despite the score looking like the game was balanced, other stats show that it was anything but that. As the home team had 26 shots to the 3 shots of the visitors, also the possession of the ball was 76% for the Danes while only 24% for the Irish.

G.P      Pts.

  1. Denmark 4 8
  2. Wales 4 6
  3. Ireland 4 2