UK’s Labour opposition leader preparing to vote against PM May’s Brexit deal

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According to recent reports, Tuesday, Keir Starmer, the Brexit spokesman said that Britain’S opposition Labour Party is currently set in voting down all or any kind of deal in which prime Minister Theresa May may clinch between Britain and the European Union, according to reports the opposition party is planning to open a second referendum in which according to the opposition parties members, the outcome option will staying within the bloc.  just after six months, Britain wants to leaves European Union, May on the other hand has not yet reached to a complete deal with the Brussels which is considered in the terms and agreements of a divorce. Nevertheless, May and her future plan for the trade ties which up to now have rebuffed both by the EU and other lawmakers who are currently in her party. However, Labour on the other hand listed other 6 tests which according to him would apply to any kind of Brexit deal which any person in the government could take. This however including a test which will also ensure a very strong future and more so a firm relationship with the EU and thereby delivering same benefits to Britain government as a current customs union and bloc’s single market member.

In addition to this, Starmer in a statement said that May according to the way she is handling the Brexit deal, she was going to fail all the six test which will be imposed for this Brexit deals. During an interview, he said in the BBC TV that Everybody in the country have recognized the ongoing talks concerning the Brexit deal and that for those who are keen with this talks, then you should have noticed that the ongoing talks are heading in the wrong direction and according to him as he participated in this meetings and talks, it looks as if the government lead by the PM is heading for a no deal or eventually heading for the wrong Brexit deal. He added that them as the labour opposition Party, they are going to vote against any bad deal and also they said they were going to vote down for the no deal because as far as the deal is concerned, this is not for the best of the country nor this is not what citizen voted for in the referendum.