Volkswagen expected to invest $4 billion in the development of a digital business software

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According to new reports from Volkswagen, the company is planning to invest $4 billion in the development of a digital business software.  According to reports from the company, this new software development will include customers to offer services like car sharing and more so a cloud computing-based platform to connect vehicles.

Early this week, Germany automakers said that currently, the company is working on a new project.  This project is aimed at the provision of a new digital business software which is anticipated to cost the company $4 billion in its development. This new software will be referred to as the VW. OS. This will be implemented in all the electric vehicles branded by VW by 2020 onwards.

From the software development group, the software coding process may take up to 2 years to ensure a stable and a perfect software.  From this, the software chief said that the new Volkswagen electric vehicles will have a new electric design which will not only atomizer the model but also will help in autonomous driving functions.

The VW said that development of this software is to reduce the number of sensors within the car which all are operated independently by a single nervous system where all the signals and sensors would originate from. According to VW statement, the new car models will operate under one proprietary software OS. This will, therefore, ensure all sensors within the car are connected through a single system making it much easy to operate the vehicle.

The software developer personal at VW said that this software will be of great help in the automation of the VW cars in a way that if the car initiates a parking sensor, then the sensor is transmitted throughout the car including the brakes, steering and the high definition navigation system installed within the car.

According to VW, it was much easier to do an air update on any sensor within this new car for a software developed in a closed house rather than the company depending on different vendors for different supply of updates to specific sensors.